Ans: No. Lyricash membership is FREE to everyone. However, UPGRADING your membership to the Lyricash Loyalty Club (LLC) through any of our packages comes with more benefits and rewards.
Ans: You are encouraged to maintain just one account, it gives you access to all that the platform offers. This is not to be considered as a get-rich-quick or investment scheme. Your actual benefits and rewards depend on your frequent use of the platform.

Ans: As many as you can. A Music Team however is You and a minimum of Four (4) Active members.
Ans: Get them to sign up through your Lyricash referral link, and it automatically placed them into your music team. You can use the "Invite Friend" button on your Dashboard to share your link on social media.
Ans: No. You can listen, rate (review) and download all music in the categories. Good thing is, your first music downloaded each day comes with a reward as a registered member.
Ans: Music Artist can upload and submit their music on the platform for approval. Once approved, all members on the platform can get access to their music. Aside this, Music Artist also may start getting rewarded on their song when they upgrade their account to Lyricash Loyalty Club (LLC), and they have 200 reviews/downloads (Terms and Condition applies). They also get all benefit on the platform as every other member.
Ans: All request are processed directly to your local bank account every Thursdays of each week, but your request must be made between Sunday to Tuesday, and must have met all requirements.
Ans: There is absolutely no refunds after Membership Package(s) to join LLC has been purchased. We believe you have tested the platform to have made a conscious decision to join the Lyricash Loyalty Club.
Ans: Yes. Whether as free users or if and when they upgrade to LLC membership, you get rewarded accordingly.
Ans: You can listen and review (rate) music across all categories. You can download and share music. You can invite friends to join the platform. You can encourage your team to join the Loyalty Club. You can also participate in various LYRICASH GAME that will be introduced from time to time.
Ans: Yes. You can sign up for FREE to start enjoying some benefits (limited), and then upgrade later to join the LLC as a REGULAR or PREMIUM member. 
We advise that you upgrade for more enjoyment, benefits and rewards..
Ans: MusiCoins are given daily, just login and click on the DAILY FREE MUSICOINS banner. 
Your first music shared to social media, and Introducing someone into the opportunity also gives you additional Musicoins (MCs).
Ans: You can request for withdrawal as long as you are a MEMBER. You can withdraw when you have up to minimum withdrawal amount in any of the wallets. Available revenues generated from advert and donations are shared among members as rewards for their various activities.
Ans: Each rank(s) is based on number of points gathered on all the upgraded members in your team.
You get 50LP on each team member that joins the Lyricash Loyalty Club (LLC).
Ans: This are extra reward you get starting from the 5th person to infinity of those in your team. N200 on LLC members with Regular Package, and N500 on LLC members with Premium Package. 
You must also be a Lyricash Loyalty Club member to enjoy this.
Ans: Upgrading to the Premium Package requires an upgrade fee. To upgrade, login to your account and click on the UPGRADE button, and follow the process of payment and confirmation.
Ans: This give you an exclusive benefit to earn up 40% commission on new Club Members you introduce, and also to earn LIFE-TIME INCOME from your team building.

Occasional gift(s) are also rewarded to high performing Club Members, and many more benefits will be introduced as time goes on.