LYRICASH is all about the music experience and how it rewards fans loyalty. Which means you are truly at the right place; at the right time!

We have established an “Entertainment Reward Platform” designed to engage fans as they enjoy their favourite music on our platform.

LYRICASH is the first online “AFRICA MUSIC HUB” that entertain and reward music passion/habits. 
We are the future of music/entertainment for everyone!


“To bring hope to people’s dream using music (entertainment)
as a tool for empowerment, support
and a better lifestyle.”


“To reward music loyalty through daily entertaining activities. Establish a strong fan/artistes relationship, and render promotional services through our platform.”


Revolutionizing Your Music Experience

We believe the music fans deserve a rewarding experience for their loyalty and music support.
 Therefore, the Lyricash platform bring you closer to your favourite music artists through listening, downloading, sharing, rating and writing quality reviews to express your honest opinions about their music.
We also appreciate you with cash or gift rewards.

Lyricash is -

- Establishing a strong online community for fans/music artist's relationship.

- Building the first online “Africa Music Hub” that entertains and rewards.

- Exposing music from various artists to a large audience who will give their honest opinions to aid performance improvement.

- Creating a Loyalty Club that gives great entertaining feel and benefits

Lyricash - 'music pays.'


A robust catalogue of audio-digital products for your entertainment.
The one-stop digital music platform to download, listen, review, share and get rewarded.

With our platform, we’re creating an entertainment community where it's all about the music, the thrill and the experience.

Let's make it happen together. Join Us! pays...

Each digital audio in our “Music Categories” are of good quality, amazing features and comes with reward bonus when you play and rate/review them.

We Reward your Music Habits! 

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